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IT Service Performance Dashboards

Key features

A whole range of great features

  • Accurate and intelligent view of health of IT Service and Impact.
  • Visibility Provided via our easy to understand Stunning Dashboard technology – from your NOC or on your mobile device.
  • Identify the root-cause of service degradation (network, server, application, database, storage etc) within a few clicks!
  • Simple to read logical Dashboards complimented with Service Maps showing actual topology of the service.
  • View service performance from the DC and Regional End User Perspectives.
  • Dashboard and Service Model’s updated automatically in response to infrastructure changes.
  • Key Services discovered and modeled by our experts, using our unique technology and processes
  • Delivered as A Managed Service from our Secure Data Centre.
  • No need to integrate with or replace your existing monitoring tools – we compliment them.
  • Intelligent “service-aware” alerting allowing users to easily prioritise work.
  • Service Availability Reports, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Allows IT to report on to the business in context of the key services it delivers and in a language the it understands.
  • Designed for IT Operations
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